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How to create a discount in Shopify Admin
How to create a discount in Shopify Admin

Go to Discounts, click on Create Discount and select the desired type. Enter a name, a percentage/amount off and any other optional settings

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In order for Bulk Bunny to be able to generate unique discount codes, the corresponding discount must already exist inside the Shopify Admin.

To get started, from Shopify Admin go to Discounts and click Create Discount from the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Select which Discount Type you want to create.

Give your discount code a name that’s easy to identify and either a percentage or a fixed amount to be deducted off the order.

Set your qualifying parameters - these are either the products the discount applies to, the order value or item number, or the specific customers that can redeem your discount.

Set your maximum discount uses - we recommend that you always limit the number of times codes can be used to 1 as you’re using Bulk Bunny to generate unique discount codes. We also recommend that you limit the use of your codes to 1 per customer.

Select if your discounts can also be combined with other offers.

Please note: This feature is early access only and not available to all Shopify stores.

Finally, select the dates between which the discount codes are valid.

If you’ve already started creating a discount batch inside Bulk Bunny and realized you don't have the discount you need, click Create New Discount. This will redirect you to the relevant page inside the Shopify Admin.

For more detailed information on creating discount codes inside the Shopify Admin please check out the these articles from Shopify.

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