This is due to the fact that the pattern that you’ve chosen will not generate sufficient discount codes. In order to resolve this issue, increase the number of characters in the pattern until the error disappears.

In our example, we’re looking to generate 100,000 codes for our Early Bird Black Friday sale.

We originally choose the format EARLY-BIRD-[3LN]. The combinations we can create using 3 letters and numbers are not enough to generate 100,000 different combinations for unique codes. We instead switch to EARLY-BIRD-[6LN] - 6 letters and numbers are enough and the discount codes creation will now succeed.

If you're unsure what pattern to use, here are our recommendations:

Up to 100,000 codes: [8LN] (or variations such as BF-[8LN] or [8LN]-15OFF)

Up to 1,000,000 codes: [10LN] (or variations such as BF-[10LN] or [10LN]-15OFF)

Up to 20,000,000 codes: [12LN] (or variations such as BF-[12LN] or [12LN]-15OFF)

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