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How to add extra code to an existing batch
How to add extra code to an existing batch

Use the Add Codes option to add new codes to an existing discount batch.

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In the Bulk Bunny dashboard, hover over the relevant batch and select the Add Codes option.

To add more codes you can either generate new ones using the same or a different pattern. These will all automatically be added to the same batch.

Please note: when using this option enter only the number of new codes you want added, rather than the total number you want in the batch. For our example, we want to add 73 new codes to our existing abandoned cart batch.

Your new batch summary will tell you how many codes you already have in the batch as well as how many new ones are being generated.

You can also add codes by importing them using a file upload or manually pasting them in the input box.

For more information please check out our article on how to add codes by uploading a file.

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